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Sushi Boxes and Sushi Catering

When you usually hear of a Bento Box, or a Sushi Box—or any other kinds of take out boxes, for that matter—it’s only tempting to believe that nothing can be so fresh as sitting down at a restaurant. After all, isn’t it always better to have fresh sushi rather than sushi take out? And when you’re looking down at a box with a clear lid, isn’t that for leftovers rather than a fresh batch of sushi?

You’d be surprised. At the Milk Street Café, we offer the best sushi in Boston, a sort of DIY Sushi restaurant experience—all within one box. Sushi takeout should be done right. And in enjoying this classic meal inspired by the cuisine of Japan, we think that our customers should have a lunch box that’s ready to go, no matter what they’re doing next.

For many people, the idea of sushi nigiri and sashimi are interchangeable. But let’s get specific. What does the Milk Street Café offer those who want a Japanese bento box experience? Is it a true sushi bento? Or just another way of packaging sushi containers? Here’s what you’ll need to know about our sushi boxes.

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Sushi Box Take Out: How the Milk Street Café Experience Works

Asian cuisine is often meant to be enjoyed seated, with a pair of chopsticks, with foods like miso or sushi rice at the standby. So how does the Milk Street Café make the experience work in the form of a sushi box? We’ll tell you our approach.

Here’s what our Sushi Box or Tote includes: a roll of sushi, such as a California roll. It includes a jumbo cookie, brownie, or fruit salad for dessert. A side of potato chips is also included. Along with that, we throw in soy sauce and a pair of chopsticks for your enjoyment.

It’s not a sushi tray that you might expect to see laid out at a non-socially distanced event. Instead, our fish is individually wrapped for freshness and a hygienic approach anyone who wants a fresh, delicious lunch can appreciate. After a quick checkout with Milk Street Café, you can enjoy our easy-to-use food containers, the high-quality packaging, and the Japanese cuisine with an American twist contained inside.

Japanese Cuisine Made Simple and On-the-Go



Consult our menu at the Milk Street Café and you’ll see which individual sushi rolls are available from our sushi bar. Here’s just a brief sampling:

  • Rainbow Roll. The Rainbow includes Crabstick and avocado topped with salmon, not to mention tuna and avocado.

  • The District. Crabstick and avocado, topped with “torched” Atlantic salmon. Add in spicy mayo and kabayaki sauce.

  • Salmon, Tuna, or Yellowtail all available.

  • Spicy Tuna. Keep things hot with tuna and spicy mayo, brought together with scallion and tempura bits.

  • Spicy Salmon. Atlantic salmon makes an ideal protein with our spicy mayo for a little heat in your lunch.

  • California Roll. Crabstick, avocado, and Japanese cucumber help fashion one of the classic sushi twists.

  • Green “Monstah.” A New England take on a vegetarian Sushi style, featuring asparagus, Japanese cucumber, and avocado with teriyaki sauce.

There are also more vegetarian options—Strawberry mango and spicy veggie come to mind—to help balance out the selections for anyone who wants the full Japanese style lunch experience. This is, after all, a vegetarian-friendly treat, and take out containers don’t have to conform to any one style of eating.


Whether you have a hankering for something meaty like chicken breast or something light like a fruit salad, we have just about every dietary concern covered. We even include specialty condiments like soy sauce, but make sure to ask if you have any special requests. 

Order online and you’ll be able to check out some of these great options on our menu:

  • Roast Turkey Classic. A hallmark lunch where every ingredient is done just right. We pair our roast turkey with lettuce and tomato, then include mayo and mustard on the side for easy packing.

  • Salads. Don’t put on the “COVID fifteen.” Stay lean and mean with entrée salads that pack a flavorful punch. Our salad options include options like chicken salad, chicken Caesar salad, and more. We also offer fresh fruit salad options, such as the Strawberry Spinach salad.

  • Dessert options. From brownies to vegan brownies, from cookies to flourless cookies, to fruit salads, we have dessert that can fit just about any diet out there. Make sure you make it clear which dessert option you want when you call ahead or place an order online. And be sure to review our online menu PDF so you’re sure about what’s coming with the boxed lunch you’re ordering.

Veggie Options also include vegan choices, and options like our Spicy Veggie Sushi. Made with carrot, avocado, Japanese cucumber, asparagus, and spicy mayo, our spicy veggie sushi option makes for a great alternative.

Why a Sushi Box for Sushi Takeout?

Why get your lunch in a box? The first answer is simple: because it’s a convenient way to practice social distancing. These days, the traditional restaurant experience has been turned upside down. And when you have a great option for a lunch box you can take on the go, there’s no reason that has to disturb your day.

What many people mistake is that they believe they can’t have the deluxe experience. They might figure that a product like tempura doesn’t work well in a take-out meal. They’d prefer live food service, served as they sit. Or they might prefer the high-end experience that comes with sitting down.

But what if a restaurant took that experience and simply wrapped it up?

Food service should be of a high quality. We all believe that. But there’s no reason it shouldn’t be portable. You can have a high-end Japanese cuisine experience from the most unlikely places. And what’s more, you can take it with you.

Here at the Milk Street Café, we do more than create high-end food. We also build ways for people to take that experience with them. It means you can go out and enjoy your day, feeling confident that you’ve had the best quality dining experience, even if you don’t need to sit down in a restaurant. The world is changing—and in some cases, it may include changes for the better.

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