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Sandwich Boxes

You don’t have to be a kid to get excited about a lunch box. But why not dress it up a little? At Milk Street Café, our sandwich Boxes & Totes offer fresh, delicious, unique specialty sandwich options that anyone can enjoy.

It’s not your usual lunch bag, either. We use single-serve packaging—not reusable—because we know you want something fresh. Consider it more of a “Tote.” It’s a meal you can take with you, making it perfect for the age of social distancing.

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Sandwich Catering

What Comes with a Sandwich Box?

What do you think of when you think of a lunch box? Maybe a bunch of plastic containers, some food packed in with ice packs, and a leakproof, dishwasher safe bowl you can use over and over again. But what if the experience was much more convenient—and delicious—than all that?

Milk Street Café’s Sandwich Box or Tote bags come with a beverage, a chocolate mint, and paper goods within the container. They’ll also come with a side of chips, pretzels, or popcorn. For dessert, try a jumbo cookie, brownie, or a healthier option with a fruit salad.

Don’t want the beverage with your lunch box? Great, just let us know and we’ll deduct $2.00 for every person who doesn’t want the beverage.

Choose from Our Specialty Sandwiches

It doesn’t do us much good to talk about food storage containers unless we talk about what comes in them. That’s why we offer a variety of specialty sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and delicious combinations that will help break you out of the usual routine.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite specialty sandwiches to preview what you can expect out of your sandwich box:

  • Grilled Chicken Pesto: Packing lunch and want to pack a heavy dollop of flavor with it? Grilled chicken pesto includes grilled chicken breast, pesto, sliced tomatoes, baby spinach, and lemon-herb aioli

  • Buffalo Chicken: A great way to add some heat to your packed lunch. Grilled chicken, tossed with spicy buffalo sauce, and a cooling carrot celery slaw is an ideal combination to help you refuel.

  • Roast Turkey Classic: Want something to remind you of those back to school days? The Roast Turkey Classic is the one to dial up—a classic sandwich with mayonnaise and mustard served on the side.

  • Roast Turkey Avocado: If you’ve ever made this for yourself, you know how important rewashable containers are. Such is the nature of avocados. Why not make it more convenient?

  • Honey Smoked Turkey: You might not need cutlery to indulge this sweet-tooth-satisfying sandwich.

  • Smoked Turkey Chipotle: When we’ve got Chipotle flavors in stock (and we always try to), there may be no better sandwich to try out for your lunch box.

  • Wild Planet Tuna: It may taste like something you’d expect in a Bento Box, but this “wild planet” sustainable tuna is a great way to indulge in a different type of light flavor that delivers a protein-packed punch. Thanks to the quality of tuna we offer, this is also an eco-friendly option.

  • Roast Beef Romesco: You might need some food storage bags after you try one of these—you may just find yourself ordering more, until it becomes too many! This includes prime cut slow-roasted beef with a garlic aioli and arugala.

  • Sweet Caroline: There’s a reason we call it sweet: honey drizzled roasted sweet potatoes combined with sliced Gala apples combine for a great sandwich option you won’t soon forget. It’s the kind of sandwich that makes friends say, “what have you got in your lunch tote?”

Want to see our full range of specialty sandwiches? Just check out our online menu here at the Milk Street Café to get a full sense of everything that’s available.


Whether you have a hankering for something meaty like chicken breast or something light like a fruit salad, we have just about every dietary concern covered. We even include specialty condiments like soy sauce, but make sure to ask if you have any special requests. 

Order online and you’ll be able to check out some of these great options on our menu:

  • Roast Turkey Classic. A hallmark lunch where every ingredient is done just right. We pair our roast turkey with lettuce and tomato, then include mayo and mustard on the side for easy packing.

  • Salads. Don’t put on the “COVID fifteen.” Stay lean and mean with entrée salads that pack a flavorful punch. Our salad options include options like chicken salad, chicken Caesar salad, and more. We also offer fresh fruit salad options, such as the Strawberry Spinach salad.

  • Dessert options. From brownies to vegan brownies, from cookies to flourless cookies, to fruit salads, we have dessert that can fit just about any diet out there. Make sure you make it clear which dessert option you want when you call ahead or place an order online. And be sure to review our online menu PDF so you’re sure about what’s coming with the boxed lunch you’re ordering.

Veggie Options also include vegan choices, and options like our Spicy Veggie Sushi. Made with carrot, avocado, Japanese cucumber, asparagus, and spicy mayo, our spicy veggie sushi option makes for a great alternative.

What Makes our Sandwich Boxes Different?

You may have heard of a BPA box, a bento box, a tote, or a leakproof container for your lunch. So what’s different about this?

We like to think our sandwich box is essentially a restaurant experience you can take with you. Rather than stock up on ice packs and cutlery of your own, you can enjoy a takeout experience at the Milk Street Café and feel 100% of that “going-out” feeling that comes with a great, rewarding lunch. You don’t have to worry about what to do with the stainless steel silverware you bring with you in your brown bag, or the plastic containers you took to work. You can simply stop for a great sandwich box and enjoy.

It’s not necessarily a Bento-style experience, but a Bento Box is about more than outer appearances. It’s also about the feeling of wholesome, good food that you can take with you.

You don’t necessarily have to turn to Amazon to get your lunch box. You don’t have to borrow a kids lunch box or a lunch box container from home. You don’t have to stock up on meal prep containers to get a whole, nutritious meal. You don’t need to watch Prime Day and stock up on sandwich bags and sandwich container gadgets.

Ditch the rubber and silicone. Stop piling up take out boxes that you don’t enjoy. Stop the waste of the endless snack bags, not to mention the water bottle addiction.

What you actually need is a good restaurant that knows how to do the sandwich box the right way.

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