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Milk Street Cafe Tote Bag Lunches

Boxed Lunches

A boxed lunch is the perfect way to refuel on a busy day. And given the current need for social distancing, it’s also a highly mobile and safe way to enjoy a great meal.

At the Milk Street Café, we offer boxed lunch options so you can pick up some of our delicious lunches on the go. That means minimal interruption to your day, maximum safety, and a great way to enjoy a break. There’s nothing quite like a box lunch to keep you on the go and keep your mood up. But as with any box lunch, it’s what’s inside that counts. Here’s what we have. 


Lunch in Boston

Boxes and Tote Options

When you take one of our boxes and totes, it includes a beverage and a chocolate mint. However, you can get just the boxed lunch without the drink for $2.00 less. Here are the options you can think about:

  • Sandwich box. Try one of our classic sandwich options. This sandwich “box” includes a specialty sandwich from our menu, as well as a side of chips, pretzels, or popcorn. For dessert, have a brownie, a jumbo cookie, or keep things lean with a fruit salad.

  • Salad box. Not in the mood for a sandwich? Try our salad box/tote option. This can include a signature salad. For an additional $4, you can have your choice of steak salad. Like the sandwich box, this includes a side of chips, pretzels, or popcorn, and a dessert of a brownie, a jumbo cookie, or fruit salad.

  • Vegan box. What if you don’t want any meat? We’ve got you covered. We have plenty of veggie options for your vegan box. You can have a choice of a roasted cauliflower wrap, a “super foods detox salad,” or avocado spinach salad. Enjoy a side of potato chips and a vegan brownie for dessert!

  • Gluten-sensitive box. Sometimes you want something like a sandwich, but your sensitivities prevent it. We offer choices of Grilled Pesto Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Santorini Steak, and more. If you want something a little lighter, we also have Strawberry Spinach Salad among our salad options for the gluten sensitive. For dessert, try our flourless cookie. 

  • Sushi box. With a roll of your choice of sushi, our cookie/brownie/fruit salad dessert option, soy sauce, chopsticks, and a side of potato chips, you can indulge your sushi habit with our fresh sushi box. 


Whether you have a hankering for something meaty like chicken breast or something light like a fruit salad, we have just about every dietary concern covered. We even include specialty condiments like soy sauce, but make sure to ask if you have any special requests. 

Order online and you’ll be able to check out some of these great options on our menu:

  • Roast Turkey Classic. A hallmark lunch where every ingredient is done just right. We pair our roast turkey with lettuce and tomato, then include mayo and mustard on the side for easy packing.

  • Salads. Don’t put on the “COVID fifteen.” Stay lean and mean with entrée salads that pack a flavorful punch. Our salad options include options like chicken salad, chicken Caesar salad, and more. We also offer fresh fruit salad options, such as the Strawberry Spinach salad.

  • Dessert options. From brownies to vegan brownies, from cookies to flourless cookies, to fruit salads, we have dessert that can fit just about any diet out there. Make sure you make it clear which dessert option you want when you call ahead or place an order online. And be sure to review our online menu PDF so you’re sure about what’s coming with the boxed lunch you’re ordering.

Veggie Options also include vegan choices, and options like our Spicy Veggie Sushi. Made with carrot, avocado, Japanese cucumber, asparagus, and spicy mayo, our spicy veggie sushi option makes for a great alternative.

If you’re interested in more than boxed lunches—say you want to go beyond thinking about choices like pasta salad and red onions—then you may also consider our catering options. You can view our menu in a PDF for a complete list of what’s available. We at the Milk Street Café will be glad to talk to you on the phone about what we can do for you while offering safe distancing practices! Available in the Boston area, including Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Newton.

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