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General FAQ's

What are your cafe hours?

Milk Street Cafe is open 7am-3pm Monday through Thursday and 7am-2:30pm on Friday. These hours may differ for specific Holidays. Please use this link to see our yearly closure schedule.

What are your office hours?

The Milk Street Cafe office is open 7am-6pm Monday through Thursday and 7am-4pm on Fridays. 


When are catering deliveries available?

Catering deliveries are available between 7am and 6pm, Monday through Thursday and on Friday's 7am - 3pm or 5pm depending on the season. Please call for specific details.

ALL deliveries scheduled for 5pm and later incur an additional $25 delivery fee.


What type of payment do you accept?

Catering Department: Credit cards, check (from corporations), and ACH bank wire transfers. Customers with invoices over 90 days may ONLY order with credit card.

Cafe: Cash, credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How many days in advance should I place my catering order?

Catering orders are able to be made up until 5pm the business day before delivery OR until we are fully booked. 

I have a breakfast and a lunch delivery for the same day. Should I place two separate orders?

Yes. Each delivery must be a separate order.

I want a salad in one bowl for everyone to share. How do I order that?

All of our salads come family style in one big bowl unless it is marked as individual. Family style salads are ordered per person so you should put the number of people in your party in the quantity box.


How is your catering menu set up? Per person, platter, dozen?

Each item will list how the food item is served (per person, per platter, per dozen etc...)

Can I order individually wrapped items from the catering department?

Yes! You can order most items from our catering menu individually wrapped upon request. Please call to confirm we can do this!


Do you offer gluten free and allergy friendly catering?

To find gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan catering items, please check the Allergens  and Special Diets page of our website.


What is the policy for large events?

Orders $2,000 and up need a 25% non-refundable deposit paid 7 business days before delivery. The remaining balance will be charged 3 business days before delivery. If no card is given for deposit (and no check or ACH received by the 7 days in advance), we need 7 business days notice for cancellation.


Will you setup my catering delivery?

Yes! Milk Street Cafe offers complimentary setup upon delivery. You can select the setup option online when checking out or request this over the phone with our catering department. Setup includes unwrapping and laying out the buffet of food options.


How can I keep my food warm for my event or party?

Milk Street Cafe offers sternos, chafers and sterno flames for purchase in the "event items" tab on the catering site. We also have a flameless heat option called Speedheats available for purchase. To see how they work, use this link


How are Brownie points accrued?

For every dollar spent on food (excluding tax and delivery), you will receive one brownie point upon payment of your order. Once you reach 2,500 points, you are able to redeem your points for gift cards to the Ritz Carlton, Millie, Trapology, Winston Flowers, Joseph Gann Jewelers, Milk Street Cafe and more. For full details please view our Brownie Points page.

Kosher FAQ's

Welcome to Milk Street Cafe where EVERYTHING is strictly kosher.

Entering our 42 year, we are passionate about providing upscale delicious kosher food to the Boston area’s citizens, tourists, universities, biotech, startups and other businesses.

What is your kosher supervision? 

Milk Street Cafe is supervised by the ORC (Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Greater Boston) which is under Rabbi Nochum Cywiak. 

We have working mashgichim, as well as independent mashgichim who supervise the kosher operation. If you have kosher questions when you are here, please feel free to ask for a 'kosher supervisor’.

How do you serve meat, dairy and parve?

We have three completely separate kitchens: Meat, Dairy and Parve, a minimum of 36 feet apart from each other. Each kitchen is equipped with its own sinks, ovens and cooktops, grills etc... Every single item in the cafe or in catering is labeled and sealed with 'kosher-meat', 'kosher-dairy' or kosher-parve' based on the kitchen it was produced in.


How do I know which kitchen my catering food was produced in? 

Please use the dietary filter dropdown on each ordering page of our catering platform which indicates the kitchen the food was produced in.  


In the Cafe, how do I know what is meat, dairy and parve? 

Our Signature Station is prepared in the meat kitchen and all items are sealed with green kosher tape;  the Market and Barista Station items are prepared in the dairy kitchen and all items are sealed with blue tape or a label. All Sushi is prepared in the parve kitchen and is sealed with black tape or printed label. In the grab and go refrigerated case, all foods are sealed with the appropriate labels listed above. 


Is your meat glatt?

Yes! All of our meat is glatt kosher.


Are you Chalav Yisrael?

Milk Street Cafe is not a Chalav Yisrael facility.


Are your Baked Products 'Pas Yisrael'?

All our baked products are Pas Yisrael except wraps.

How do you handle Fruits and Vegetables?

We check and wash all produce daily to insure there are no bugs.

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