Frequently asked questions


What are your hours?

The restaurant on 50 Milk Street is opened from 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday. Catering hours are 7am to 6pm.


When are deliveries available?

Catering deliveries are made weekdays, except Stock Market holidays. Summer deliveries are between 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday. Winter deliveries are 7am to 6pm Monday through Thursday, and Friday 7am to 3pm. Deliveries after 5pm have an extra $25 delivery fee.

What types of payment do you accept?

For the catering division, we accept credit cards, cash, check, (from corporations), ACH bank wire transfers and gift certificates. Customers who have invoices over 90 days may only order with a credit card. For the cafe, we accept cash or credit card.

How is the menu setup? Per person or per entree?

The menu is about 90% priced per person. Of course there are exceptions, and the prices are noted as such.

How are brownie points accrued?

For every dollar spent on food (not including tax and delivery), you receive one brownie point upon payment for the order. When you reach 2,500 points, you can start redeeming your points for gift certificates to the Ritz Carlton Boston Common, Millie, Trapology, Winston Flowers, Joseph Gann Jewelers, Milk Street Cafe, The Paint Bar, Amazon, among others. Please see our Brownie Points page for further details.


What is your Kosher Supervision?

Milk Street Cafe is supervised by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Greater Boston, Rabbi Nochum Cywiak. Please also see 'Kosher Questions' below. For any additional information or questions, please contact Rabbi Cywiak or give us a call at 617-542-3663. In the Cafe our signature station is meat with green tape and the market and barista stations are dairy with blue tape. The sushi is parve with black tape or printed label.

Are you Glatt Kosher?

The meat we use is Glatt Kosher.