Why Catering is Good for your Business

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Make your business stand out this year.

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If you're one of the few who've returned to the office full-time, you've probably sat in a meeting that very well could've just been an email blast. And you probably spent the majority of time in said meetings thinking about lunch. Well, hiring someone from the catering industry for your corporate events could be the solution.

If there's one thing that succeeds in making anyone's day better, it's the promise of free food. But when you have people who have specific dietary restrictions, like unique allergies or special diets, it can quickly become overwhelming. This is where corporate catering comes in, so that employers can hire expert food planners to take the time of organizing lunch off their hands. Outsourcing with corporate catering is a great decision. Here’s why you should consider hiring a catering business to strategically supply your office with delicious food.

When Should You Order Food to Your Office?

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So when should you have food catered to your office? Generally speaking, the times you should order food should coincide with the most important events going on within your business:

1. Meeting with potential customers and clients

One surefire way to impress potential customers and clients and help you stand out is by providing food for them, especially if the meeting happens to be around lunchtime. It reflects well on your business when you know how to play host, especially when you’re meeting with someone important like a potential client.

2. Special events

Corporate events and catering often go hand-in-hand, and for good reason too. Special events and networking events aren’t just places to hand out business cards. Catering services are typically expected when people get together. Once again, the key is understanding that when you play the role of host, any large gathering of people that requires an investment of time on their end should require an investment of great food. Plus, you won't have to worry about the clean up.

However, there is a big difference between simply ordering food and seeking the help of a successful catering business.

Why is Office Catering Good for Your Business?

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One reason to hire a catering service: time management. Food preparation is a major time commitment, and if you don’t have a catering company readily on hand, you’ll quickly learn how difficult it can be to coordinate around everyone's specific requests.

The advantages of food service are undeniable: you get great food into a meeting or special event with minimal investment of your time or energy.

The Advantages of Office Catering:

At this point, it may seem obvious why you should consider choosing hiring a catering service of expert food planners for your next meeting or special event. However, a startup or small business might not have the budget to justify providing food at every event without understanding what the advantages might be. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the specific advantages to office catering:

1. Socializing

Good food is almost guaranteed to uplift anyone's mood; It'll bring your employees together and create stronger bonds, thus improving company culture. People are slowly starting to return to office life safely for the first time in 20 months, so they may be returning to work with coworkers whom they haven’t seen in person since last March, or possibly meeting coworkers for the first time ever in person. Social interaction is a human necessity, but we were stripped away of it so suddenly and had to adapt to life without it. Providing food in your office will give employees the chance to interact and build new connections, which can improve communication and trust in the workplace. Bottom line, good office catering is like social glue—which makes it especially advantageous when you’re trying to break the ice with a potential customer.

2. Time management

There’s a reason it’s called “corporate catering”—someone else is catering to your needs so all you have to do sit back and enjoy yourself. A successful catering business with expert planners has foolproof methods for getting people organized, getting great food ready, and otherwise standing out