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Around the World Catering!

Looking for a new and exciting group catering experience for your next event? Look no further.

Milk Street Cafe is offering new menus inspired by places around the world for parties of 30 or more!

To place an order for one of our Around the World group menus,

please visit our catering site or call us at 617-542-3663.

A notice of three business days is required.


Need something different to help your meeting or event stand out? A catered experience or office happy hour of some sort?  Check out our Around the World Menus below or order on our catering site for larger group events.


We have Mediterranean Catering, Brazilian Catering, and German inspired Catering options. Each menu offers between 8 to 10 dishes for a unique tasting of each at your next office celebration or group event.

Brazilian Churrascaria


  • Traditional Grilled Beef Churrasco - Grilled steak marinated with garlic, parsley and red wine vinegar 

  • Frango Churrasco - Grilled lemon and garlic chicken 

  • Feijoada -Slow cooked black beans. A vegan version of the national dish of Brazil (V) 

  • Brazilian Style White Rice 

  • Grilled Marinated Vegetables -Sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions grilled and tossed in a light herb marinade 

  • Marinated Tomato Salad - Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and lime 

  • Grilled Pineapple - lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar

Eastern Mediterranean


  • Beef Kofta Meatballs with Tzatziki - Traditionally seasoned meatballs with creamy mint and cucumber sauce 

  • 7 Spice Lebanese Chicken - Grilled chicken with a seven-spice medley

  • Zucchini and Chickpea Falafel with Lemon Tahini - Fried chickpea and zucchini fritter with a lemon tahini sauce

  •  Hummus and Pita - Traditional homemade chickpea hummus with fresh pita

  • Tabbouleh - Cracked wheat with tomatoes, lemon, parsley, and olive oil

  • Fattoush Salad - Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and mint with a lemon dressing 

  • Fried Artichokes - Deep fried artichokes with a creamy lemon herb sauce

  • Tahini Trifle - Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate tahini pudding, and dairy free tahini whipped cream. Topped with black and white sesame seeds



  • Hänchen-Schnitzel - Traditional breaded chicken cutlets with parsley and lemon

  • German Beer Braised Vegan Sausages - Beyond sausages braised in pilsner with peppers and onions

  • Spatzle - Traditional house made dumplings seasoned with nutmeg

  • Cabbage and Apples - Red cabbage and apples braised with cider vinegar, brown sugar and caraway seed

  • Endiviensalat - Endive salad with boiled potatoes, pickled red onions and cherry tomatoes with a red wine vinaigrette

An International Culinary Experience

The same old food can get boring. We don’t like boring. For many people, the importance of food can dramatically effect the experience of your corporate events or retreats, cocktail parties, team workshops, or staff meetings.  

The goal is to have the most unique catering experience that will appeal to a large group of people. Something not too messy, not too difficult, and trendy all at once. Seems impossible right? Wrong. We built out menus specifically for you. If you are looking for a culinary experience or an amazing food theme to wow your staff with at the next office luncheon, these Around the World menus are the perfect fit.  

Sure it’s fun to mix things up with the seasonal catering trends, like summer dessert specials or delicious winter hors d’oeuvres, but we are taking it up a notch with these culinary catering experiences. We want your next event to be on the cutting edge of unique and trendy catering.  

Order any of our set Around the World menus for your group of 30 or more, and bring different cultures, unique ingredients and incredible flavors into your next catered event. You will be remembered for this one!  

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