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Order Management

Please note that web orders can only be processed up to 4pm on the business day prior to delivery. If an order is needed sooner or you would like a menu item that requires 24 hour notice, please call us at 617-542-3663 during business hours.

Order history on the web goes back to April 1, 2007. If you would like information about orders prior to that date please call Milk Street.

The order management section allows you

  • to view your order history, pending orders and saved orders
  • to repeat popular orders without reentering every item (but you can modify quantities) and
  • to create (and name) particular menus ( ie. Day 1 Training breakfast) in ‘saved orders’ . You may use this feature create a series of popular menus for consecutive weeks and then repeat them. (i.e create Menus 1-10 and then week 11 repeat the cycle)
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